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Significant Changes from Model Rules to our own Club Constitution

1.  Eligibility for membership [Ref. Clause 2 (1)] -  The person is the owner or intending owner of a registered van or motorhome.  A maximum period of twelve (12) months shall be allowed for an intending owner to become the owner of a registered van or motorhome.


2.  Associate / Social Membership [Addition to Clause 2]– Shall be available as an immediately continuing membership to full members who are no longer in possession of a caravan or motor home.  All fees, rights, privileges and obligations shall remain the same as for full memberships.


3.  Register of Members [Ref. Clause 7 (2)] - The register of members must be kept in New South Wales at the official address the secretary and/or the public officer of the association.


4.  Fees and Subscriptions [Addition to Clause 8]- Annual membership fees shall become due and payable on the 30th April. Renewal of Annual Membership is to be paid prior to 30th June. Such fees shall be waived in the case of new members who have been admitted to membership and paid all fees subsequent to 1st January in that year.

The Membership Year shall be 1st July to 30th June. 

If membership renewal has not been paid by 30th June, membership shall cease and the person will need to re-join and pay a joining fee.

5.  Treasurer [Additions to Clause 17]– all outgoing moneys are made by cheque or electronic transfer of funds.The financial records must be kept for a minimum period of 5 years.


6.  Special General Meetings [Refer Clause 27 (2)] – committee must, on requisition of at least 25% of the total number of members, convene a special general meeting of the association.


7.  Quorum for General Meetings [Refer Clause 29 (2)]– 25% of members present . . . . . . constitute a quorum for the transaction of the business of a general meeting.   

If at an adjourned meeting a quorum is not present . . . . .  the members present (being at least 15%) are to constitute a quorum.

8.  Making of Decisions [Refer Clause 32 (1)]– A question arising at a general meeting of the association is to be determined by (a) a show of hands or (b) if on the motion of the chairperson, or if ten (10) or more members present . . . .  decide that the question should be determined by a written ballot – a written ballot.


9.  Funds Management [Refer Clause 40] – All cheques . . . must be signed by 2 authorised signatories who are members of the Committee and who are not related.

Electronic transfer of funds must be transacted by a minimum of 2 persons who are authorised to operate the club bank accounts.

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